What's the greenest way to travel?

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In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the greenest form of travel. Specifically, I look at the carbon footprints and emissions of trains, cars, planes, and buses when traveling on vacation or for business. Ultimately, the greenest way to travel greatly depends on the context of the trip. For example, the number of passengers or distance travel greatly affects the efficiency and the “greenness” of the trip.

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1. Greenhouse gas emissions from transport (European Environment Agency):
2. 2014 IPCC report on transportation (IPCC):
3. Is holidaying by train really that much better for the environment? (Wired):
4. Getting there Greener (Union of Concerned Scientists):
5. How Low-Carbon Can You Go: The Green Travel Ranking (Sightline Institute):
6. This Graphic Maps the Greenest Modes of Transportation (National Geographic):

Carbon Calculators:
1. Terrapass:
2. TripZero:
3. CarbonFund’s Amtrak Calculator:

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