Waste Management Recycling Trucks Unloading

**Viewers please note: This less than ideal transfer system Waste Management has been forced to use is a direct result of the failure of their transfer contractor and is not a reflection of Waste Managment, Inc’s recycling system as a whole. This is a rare circumstance in which recycling is not immediately sent to be sorted. Waste Management very graciously allowed me and others to film their Simi Valley operation and any comments directing hate or negative publicity towards Waste Management will be deleted from this video.**

For those of you who don’t know, Ecology is a company that operates transfer trucks in the SoCal area. They are in charge of hauling waste and recyclables from transfer stations to landfills or other processing facilities. Waste Management in Simi Valley partners with Ecology to haul their recyclables to the Azusa MRF… but as you can see, Ecology is clearly not holding up their end of the bargain. Due to the lack of transfer trailers hauling the recyclables out of the yard and keeping the system running smoothly, GI has had to resort to filling up dozens of roll offs with the recycling they recieve, storing it for an unknown period of time until a transfer truck comes (which clearly isn’t often at all).

Anyway, while I was touring the GI yard a few months back with Aaron, Alex and Moises, I thought I might as well get a bit of footage of this unorthodox dumping process, one I found quite entertaining with the rolloff trucks constantly jockeying the roll offs. Huge thanks to Mike and everyone else at GI for being welcoming and enthusiastic with our presence.

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