Things I No Longer Buy | Minimalism, Sustainability

diffuser –
orange oil –
lavender oil –
glass straws (favorite, dishwasher safe) –
metal straws (easiest to use) –
reusable bags –
favorite hand cream bottle –
favorite eco jasmine lotion –
Method cleaner –

wipes dispenser –
microfiber cloths –
fairy lights –
unscented floss –
Wilton Perfect Results muffin tin (half standard) –
ceramic ramekins (muffin tin alternative) –

cordless vacuum –
sheets –
scale –
purple jacket –
Pusheen cat stuffed animal –
velcro strip (for TV remote) –

outside blue jacket – Macy’s
electric couch – La-Z-Boy
blankets – Pottery Barn
little wooden container – Target

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minimizing waste = huge returns
less store trips = more money

What I No Longer Buy:
disposable straws – reusable!
commercial cleaners – 50/50 vinegar/water
hand cream – easy DIY!
wipes and mop pads – DIY mop and wipes
ottoman and coffee table
throw pillows – blankets
lamps – fairy lights
throw pillows – blankets (more versatile)
hair accessories – just clip/scrunchie
perfumed products: nail polish, dye, scented candles, scented laundry detergent, perfume – diffuser, natural lotions
stretchy bottoms – cotton
mouthwash – unscented floss
bakeware – muffin tin, cookie sheet, baking pan, roasting pan

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