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The 9.5 star rated energy efficient home by Thompson Sustainable Homes Shorten build time and improve environmental sustainability with the prefabricated 9.5 star energy efficient Bloom 159 by Thompson Sustainable Homes.

Research shows that green building actually increases property values, rentability and the investment that you make.

Have a look at some of our designs here:

Building sustainably with a ‘Thompson Sustainable Home’ is comparable to traditional building costs, however the added bonus is that a it also provides significant ongoing savings over the life cycle of the home as compared to traditionally built homes. ‘Bloom 159’ has an energy efficiency rating of 9.5 stars and uses significantly less energy then your traditional standard home. Over the life span of your home the cost of living will be up to 50% less than a standard home. With expected price increases in the cost of electricity set to occur, the only affordable option for the future is going to be to live in an energy efficient home such as the ‘Bloom 159.’


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Push the boundaries and dream big with a Thompson Sustainable home.

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