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Skin Emmies 2018 / Organic Skincare Tag / Green Beauty 2018 skin care favorites

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all having a great day! Thank you for spending time with me today! (sorry the back round music is a bit loud but I talk loud lol)

I was tagged by Adriana from the Green Beauty Project to do this tag .. Thank you Adriana for Tagging me..
I Tag ALL Of you even if you do not use all organic skincare I would love to here your 201 Skincare Emmies.

Have a Blessed Day and remember to share that beautiful smile of yours!

Adriana’s Video:

1. 1st cleanse Max and Me purity and Grace / Activist Skincare Botanical Cleansing oil
2. 2nd cleanse Tracie Martin Amla Purifying Cleanser / Mahalo The Unveil Cleansing Melt
3. Toner/Mist Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator
4. Brand Osmosis (get here for 30% off)
5. Am moisturizer Honua Malu
6. Exfoliator Lil fox Jungle Glow / Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Acid Potion / Suki Exfoliate foaming cleanser
7. Device/tool KINGA Facial Scrubber Skin Scrubber Ultrasonic Spatula
8. Serum Osmosis Rescue
9. Multitasker Bee Magic (Costco has a great deal on this)
10. Body Osmia Sunset / DIY Body oil
11. Treatment Osmosis Rescue
12. Pm moisturizer Skin Owl Skin Whip
13. SPF Honua Malu
14. Budget Mad Hippie / Jordan Samuel / Activist Skincare
15. Mask Face Mask Alchemy / Honua Masks
16. Oil Skin Owl Maqui Berry
17. Eyes Osmosis Refresh eye cream
18. Lips Kari Gran lip whip
19. Retailer Beauty Heroes
20. Splurge Trophy Skincare Microdermabrasion (I got mine on QVC)
21. Product of the year Osmosis Rescue

1. 1st cleanse
2. 2nd cleanse
3. Toner/Mist
4. Brand
5. Am moisturizer
6. Exfoliator
7. Device/tool
8. Serum
9. Multitasker
10. Body
11. Treatment
12. Pm moisturizer
13. SPF
14. Budget
15. Mask
16. Oil
17. Eyes
18. Lips
19. Retailer
20. Splurge
21. Product of the year

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