Rug Doctor Vs Bissell Big Green Deep Carpet Cleaning Machines

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3
Rug Doctor Wide Track

We tested the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine and The Rug Doctor Wide Track recently and this is our review and comparison. Links in the description for prices and reviews and lets get started.

The Bissell Big Green is the professional grade carpet cleaner from Bissell and its main competitor is the Rug Doctor, We are testing the Rug Doctor Wide Track which has a larger cleaning path and a bigger tank than other Rug Doctors.

I have seen several competitions between the two online including the test done by consumer reports. In all those tests the Bissell Big Green is shown to clean slightly better than the Rug Doctor. Part of the reason for this may be that the Bissell uses a large brush roll where the Rug Doctor uses a vibrating brush bar.

In any case in our test the Bissell did slightly better than the Rug Doctor with the same number of passes, 2 with the water trigger pressed and 2 without.

Though I should mention that in the first test I made the mistake of trying to use the Bissell without the handle reclined, and I learned later that the brush roll does not spin unless the handle is reclined, but when I retested The Bissell did indeed do slightly better than the Rug Doctor.

But that’s not the only reason that I like the Bissell Big Green over the Rug Doctor.
Another reason is that unlike the Rug Doctor The Bissel cleans with a forward motion and a backward motion, compared to the rug doctor which only cleans as you pull it towards you. You have to rock it back on its wheels and push it forward to get back to the original position.

The reclining handle also makes the Bissell easier to push and pull giving it the edge in ease of use over the rug doctor.

I would say that they both are incredibly well built and sturdy, and they seem like they will last a very long time. So there is no real difference there.

With the water refilling the Bissell again has the edge because you can remove the water tank to fill it whereas with the Rug Doctor you need to bring water to the cleaner which seems unnecessarily complicated and potentially messy. Though the Rug doctor does have double the amount of water capacity at 3.7 gallons so you wouldn’t have to refill it as many times as the Bissell.

The both have optional hand tools for stairs or upholstery. They both get the job done but the brush on the Bissell seems more effective, the Rug Doctor brush seems very sparse. However the hose is much longer on the Rug Doctor at 12’ instead of only 9’ on the Bissell. Also it is is much easier to attach the hose on the Bissell, as with the Rug Doctor there are some connections that are a little harder to connect and a bit more confusing.

So I guess you can tell I prefer the Bissell Big Green, but Ill put links in the description to both units below as they are both superior carpet cleaners, consider a like or a subscription if this video helped you out and thanks for watching.

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