London, sustainable city

Tess Brett, environmental geography student in London, presents her hometown. London, megalopolis of more than 9 million people, is trying for years to become the European benchmark for sustainable development. Tess takes us to the discovery of the eco-neighborhood “Bed Zed”, located south of Greater London, and the Gherkin tower, two examples of the valued ecological architecture in the city. In terms of urban traffic, London has made considerable efforts: the introduction of urban toll limit the traffic of cars, many cycle tracks have been added and self-service bike has been set up. Transportation is also more environmentally friendly: the famous red buses are back and greener, stations for electric vehicles are growing. The British capital is also at the forefront of new energy saving technologies such as smart grids. By 2050, London aims to reduce by 80% its CO2 emissions through the development of renewable energy.

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