In Da Club – Membranes & Transport: Crash Course Biology #5

Hank describes how cells regulate their contents and communicate with one another via mechanisms within the cell membrane.

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“Concert” music used with permission from Chameleon Circuit.
This video uses sounds from a list of these sounds can be found in the Google document here, along with the citations for this video:

Table of Contents time codes:
1) Passive Transport – 1:17
2) Diffusion – 1:25
3) Osmosis – 2:12
4) Channel Proteins- 4:37
5) Active Transport – 4:58
6) ATP – 5:37
7) Transport Proteins – 6:19
8) Biolography – 6:37
9) Vesicular Transport – 9:02
10) Exocytosis – 9:21
11) Endocytosis – 9:50
12) Phagocytosis – 9:57
13) Pinocytosis – 10:29
14) Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis – 10:48

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