How To Clear Up A Green Pool Fast

How to clear up a green pool
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How to clear up a green pool. In the video we shot with Pool Rescuers, they chose to clear a green pool by using the chemical called Revive. In this video Pool Rescuers shows American Pool boy viewers how to properly add revive and clear a green pool. Using revive involves three steps. If done properly, the pool can cleared in two days. The first step is prepping the pool for the revive. The second step is adding the revive. The third step is clearing out the revive and putting the pool back together.

Step One : Prepping the pool

In prepping the pool, you want to make sure you skim the surface of the pool. Debris left on top of the pools surface will cause this chemical to stick to it rather than drop to the bottom. Brush the pool down after skimming the pools service. All walls, steps, benches, and even the floor should be brushed down. Brushing the entire pool down will allow all the algae and contaminates to be suspended in the water. Revive starts dropping to the bottom, it will catch this debris and leave it on the bottom for you for step three. Make sure the filtration pump and any other pumps that circulate the pools water is turned off. The pools water needs to stay stagnant. The water can not be moving for this chemical to properly work. This is a great selling point to your customers as well.

Step Two : Adding the revive

Revive is a flocculant that will clear up a green pool. This means that the chem starts at the top, or on the pools surface and slowly falls to the bottom of the pool, collecting all the contaminates with it. Revive will collect the pool waters contaminates as it settles to the bottom of the pools floor, allowing for a vac to waste. The best way to add this chemical is to attach it to a garden hose and spray it on top of the pools surface. Make sure that you use the proper amount depending on the size of your pool. You must wait 24-48, (sometimes sooner) for revive to settle to the bottom. Return to the pool on day two and begin step three.

Step Three : removing the Revive and starting the pool

Returning to your project you should see that the pool is clear and the revive collected all the contaminates sitting on the floor. The clear this debris you must vacuum it out. In this video we used a dolly vac, bypassing the customers equipment. This is a great way to discharge the contaminates and leave your customers pool clean and clear.

Areas of pools we can perform this for are:

Queen Creek
San Tan Valley

Just keep skimming!

How to clean up a green pool:

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