This is another Green Pool video that I filmed using Yellow Out to kill the green algae. I follow the same steps in this video that I show in the other green pool video but I do go into more detail about the different types of chlorine you can use.

The Yellow Out works very well as you can see from this video. But again, you just can’t throw it in and expect the pool to be blue the next day. There is a process to follow.
Here are the steps that will insure success:

Clean the filter before you begin this process. The filter will more than likely be green inside and you will have reduced circulation.

Brush the pool thoroughly. You may need to really brush it very vigorously as the algae can stick to the pool very aggressively.

Add the Algaecide: I used Yellow Out in this video but there are also other good ones you can use.

Add plenty of chlorine. The algae will it like candy. I am not kidding — as you can see from this video. If you don’t add enough the process will fail. Always add more not less.

Run the pool for 24 hours. This is crucial as the pool needs to circulate to get the algae into the filter or drop it to the pool bottom.

Recheck the chemicals after 24 hours. You can’t wait a few days, it has to be the next day. Recharge to pools chlorine level if needed.

Vacuum up the algae dust and if needed re-clean the filter. If you have a D.E. Filter you can backwash it also. If you have a SAND FILTER make sure you Vacuum in WASTE MODE — very important. Also you will need to backwash the SAND FILTER a few times. If you go to vacuum and you notice that the algae is not coming off, it is still alive and you will need to retreat the pool a second time. I have had to do this myself but eventually the algae will die.

Technically Yellow Out is not an algaecide in the strictest term it is not a Biocide. But since it destroys algae in the pool it is a type of algae killer so it is an algaecide in that regards.

It works best with a higher pH, but if your pool is green chances are the chemicals are not balanced and the pH will be high- at least that is what I have found to be true.

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So this is a realistic video were you see the pool the next day as clear, much bluer but still not crystal clear. It will actually take about a week before it looks really good again. There is just too much dead algae in the water for it to be clear blue. But the pool is definitely 90% better.

Additional Notes:
I skimmed this pool a bit before filming. You may need to spend some time skimming the top and bottom of the pool to get as many leaves out as possible. This helps later when you go to vacuum it. You may want to use a canister when you vacuum the pool, otherwise you will need to clean the pump basket out whenever the pool loses suction due to the debris you vacuum up.

I think I called it a little too close with my initial chemical amount (4 gallons of liquid chlorine), I usually like a better chlorine reading the next day, 1.0 is a bit low. I almost botched this process but it turned out good. Always add more than less chemicals in that regards. I got lucky. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

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