Green Cleaning with DoTERRA Essential Oils // Top Oils for Creating Natural Cleaning Supplies


I’ve been making over my cleaning routine for the past few months using the CPTG oils from DoTERRA. When I first decided to start cleaning with essential oils I wanted to know why they made effective cleaners because science is important to me!

After some research I realize that there were some important chemical properties that made different essential oils good for different applications – certain oils are composed of molecular compounds that exhibit effective cleansing properties: :
Phenols – thymol, carvacol – cleansing
Alcohols – linool, terpine-4-ol, menthol – repellent, cleansing
Alkenes – limonene, β-pinene – antioxidant
Ethers – 1,8-cineole – surface cleansing
Ketones – menthone – repellent

In this video we’ll go over the top few oils that are great for cleaning plus a few cleaning supplies offered by DoTERRA if you’re not keen on making your own.

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