Mavitec Green Energy & Coaltec introduce a new way of solving the manure problem in the form of an energy-based environmental solution called gasification. Special thanks to Riverview Farms inc. Orleans, Indiana for making this movie possible!

Many products are suitable for gasification, including poultry litter/manure, porcine and cattle manure, sludge, and biosolids. Through the use of readily available technologies, the resulting clean heat can be converted into a number of usable energy forms like steam, electricity, hot water, and hot air.

Yield from the gasification process includes valuable energy and formulated EcoChar that is significantly (more than 85%) reduced in bulk from the original material. The formulated EcoChar is dry, pathogen-free, has a commercial value, and can be more easily transported. Based on the characteristics of the fuel being gasified, EcoChar has variable qualities.

Main advantages of the Gasification System:
• Solves litter/manure/organic manure and litter/sludge challenges
• Reducing volumes up to 85%
• Handles up to 55 tonnes of litter/manure per single unit per day (20-30% moisture)
• Reduces CO2 emissions of the farm to improve carbon footprint
• High energy content of the hot air can be used for various applications
• Possibility of high capacity steam generation (7.7 tonne steam at 10 bar)
• Possibility of electricity generation can easily go to 1MW or more
• For many processes saves 95% of the fossil fuel required
• Produces high quality EcoChar as end productBeschrijving

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