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Eco Travel Spa Resort-Wild Woods Spa is an Eco Travel Spa Resort located in the Western Ghats of Mangalore. It was started in the year 2006 and since then has become an authority in its own niche.
Wrapped in the lush encirclement of a tropical rainforest, you will dwell in perfect harmony with nature, untouched and waiting to be explored. Quietly elegant and exclusive, the wild woods spa is a state of mind with breathtaking vistas. The biggest USP of the resort is its proximity to the Arabian Sea Coast which is a mere 12 kilometers from the resort.Visitors can not only enjoy the waterfalls near the resort but can also visit the beaches close to it.
Visitors can not only enjoy the waterfalls near the resort but can also visit the beaches close to it. Trekking through thick jungle is one such adventurous activity that you should indulge in.
The resort exemplifies principles of sustainable design that many others in the hospitality industry would do well to implement. In this Eco Travel Spa Resort all villas and cottages are river facing offering you a splendid view of the stream.
The Aroma restaurant lays out a dish of the cream of international and regional cuisine to tease and satisfy even the most demanding Pilates.
The cottages are a amalgamation of transition, culture and modern luxury, whether in the thatched roofing bamboo style architecture or the interiors dotted with the right touches of ethnicity. You will be in a fix as to whether to choose between the cute bamboo style cottages, sturdy stone cottages or the tempting Luxury cottages. But what sets the resort apart from other world class luxury resorts is its Ayurveda spa with masseuse to attend to your every call.
The Ayurveda treatments at our Eco Travel Spa Resort will give you an overall relaxed feeling. We provide a wide range of treatments such as nutrition counseling, weight loss programs, and fitness counseling to skin treatments.
Wild Woods Spa and Resort is a treasure trove of nature with more than 100 species of birds, butterflies, flora and fauna. Photography is one of the best hobbies that most people enjoy at wild woods spa. It is very exhilarating to use photography techniques to capture a breath-taking sunset or a magnificent bird in flight. Most often photographers forget about two important factors in taking wildlife photos. Not only one must have a complete understanding of camera equipment, but also have a thorough understanding of the natural environment.
Our Eco Travel Spa Resort offers plenty of opportunities to be enthralled by the unfathomable mystery of the environment.
When it comes to outdoor activities the Eco Travel Spa Resort provides activities such as fishing, archery, zorbing, and kayaking and wildlife safari. All activities are designed around the uniqueness of the land.
Apart from running this fabulous resort the management places great emphasis on practicing concepts of responsible tourism by paying attention to eco-friendly methods that can be incorporated into every aspect of running the resort as well as focus on waste management systems.
Eco Travel Spa Resort

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