Smartphones from companies such as Apple, Samsung or HTC are among the most popular consumer and lifestyle products today. Unfortunately a whole series of problems occur during the global production process, ranging from bad working conditions to environmental pollution. So what’s it like, the life of a Smartphone — from the production of raw materials
Leen Zevenbergen tells us about making the sustainability movement more inclusive instead of keeping it a small, intellectual group which is mostly western oriented. As a long time serial sustainable entrepreneur who founded around 20 companies and also lead many large international sustainability movements, he is most passionate about inspiring people to build a better
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We’re sharing a dozen cheap and easy tips to help beginners reduce their garbage output and transition to a low waste, or zero waste lifestyle. While you’re here, help Ecosia plant trees around the world by simply searching the internet: Our tips include things like avoiding plastic shopping and produce bags, using reusable glass
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Searching for a Better Future through Sustainable Materials Dr. Ulven has been a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department at North Dakota State University since August of 2005. He has a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Engineering. He has been involved in the research of polymer matrix
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Join this session to learn about incorporating energy efficiency and emissions considerations into your application or infrastructure design. Hear from National Geographic about incorporating environmental goals into IT planning and why delivering carbon-neutral services to their own customers has helped them make a positive impact on their business and the planet. And finally, take a
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“Sustainability: Beyond Political Categorization” by Peter Joseph. This presentation addresses the problem of communication, categorical associations, the rise of anti-intellectualism and other issues related to discussions surrounding social progress. It works to address the tendency to view all ideas as ideologies, as if the foundation of scientific development and epistemology is arbitrarily subjective. The
In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at whether Tesla cars are actually sustainable. Specifically, I dig into the environmental impact of the life cycle of Tesla’s electric cars. Elon Musk’s Tesla models like the Model 3 or Model X initially have a higher environmental impact than gas-powered cars but seem to
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Maddie Moate looks at the little things you can do in your everyday life in order to have a more sustainable lifestyle, from growing your own food to create fertiliser with your waste. Best of Earth Lab: Best of BBC Earth: The Doctors Are In The House: Welcome to BBC Earth Lab!