Breaches in cleaning and disinfection practices in the healthcare settings can be a significant factor in the transmission of healthcare-associated infections. Preventing contamination between the environment and patients is critical to breaking the chain of infection. this webinar illustrates how collaboration between nurses and environmental services prevents and reduces the spread of healthcare-associated infections. The
Chalkboards can get really tricky to stay clean and “new” looking but not with Norwex! Check out how one wipe with a wet Envirocloth can remove all the chalk writing and dust! Correction on the video – our new Facebook page is www.JenniferDaly.Norwex.Biz
Get Your Free Mrs. Meyers Gift Set! Existing Customers Get Your Free Gift Here! THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! — ————————————————————————————— Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 In today’s video I’m sharing with you the reasons I switch to all natural cleaning products, as well as my fav company I buy
Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3 Rug Doctor Wide Track We tested the Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine and The Rug Doctor Wide Track recently and this is our review and comparison. Links in the description for prices and reviews and lets get started. The Bissell Big Green is the
Reduce your use of chemicals to protect your family’s health AND the environment. Join me and Meghan Climan for our VIRTUAL Green Cleaning Class! Learn tips on do-it-yourself, safer, less toxic cleaning products. Get the printable PDF of our slides (with recipes): Bri’s Linen Spray: Want to know more about the essential oils
This video continues the cleaner degreaser review series. Today we take a look at SUPER STRENGTH Mean Green Cleaner. We have looked at it’s little brother Mean Green Citrus Cleaner. Let’s see how it measures up! Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner and Degreaser is a powerful, multi purpose cleaner and degreaser that can get grease
Come clean with me! Welcome to my green chemical free laundry routine using chemical free laundry detergents. You asked and I am taking you into my laundry cleaning routine where I use eco friendly laundry ingredients and my favorite EnviroKlenz laundry. Use NHR15 for 15% OFF your purchases FREE DOWNLOAD: Toxic Laundry
Items Shown: microfiber cloths – cordless vacuum – unscented dishwasher pods – unscented laundry detergent – Casabella grout brush – Method all-purpose – paper towels pick-a-size – rags – baking soda – Swiffer – Casabella dish brush (for drains) – OXO squeegee (for tub)