Cara's Unstoppable Crazy Green Energy

Cara has more energy than 5 people put together. We figured out where it comes from- she’s been taking more green formula than normal. Be careful though- if you take it too late in the day, you won’t be able to sleep! Take it in the morning. Be aware that energy comes from glycogen in the liver so the cleaner your body is- the more energy you have. Eating the wrong foods will make you tired and groggy. Eating or drinking high sugar foods – including fruit juice will cause insulin overload and lead to sugar crash. This also happens after eating bread and refined carbs, so be careful. Eating fatty, oily or greasy foods will also slow you down. Depression can also bring everything to a grind. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Drink water. Read and follow “Heal Yourself 101” for the entire outline of a healthier life. The ebook version is a free download.
The green formula is available at remember the cleaner your body is- the more powerful of an effect it has!

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