In this video on Recycling for kids, you get to know What is recycling the importance of recycling three r’s of recycling reduce reuse reinvent Simply E-learn brings you educational video for kids that will make learning school concepts easier for them. ——————————————————- Check out our other videos: Importance of trees – what is
Portugal has become a beacon for green energy. Last year, the country managed to run for four and a half days on renewable energy alone. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CGTN Live: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Facebook: Florida Green Homes is the premier Green home builder in Florida. Our homes are built with modern construction technologies. Because of these technologies, all the homes that we build are Highly Energy Efficient, Hurricane Resistant, Healthy to Live in, Environmentally Friendly, and Certified Green at the highest levels; Gold or Platinum!
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This 10 minute video presents highlights of an interview with Dr. Paul Raskin about his views on the pathways necessary to achieve a sustainable planetary civilization in the near-term future. Dr. Raskin posits that a global citizens movement and a Copernican shift in how humans perceive their relationship to earth are both necessary. Dr. Raskin
De Groene Meisjes hebben een toffe trip naar Alentejo in Portugal gemaakt. We hebben overnacht in het ecork hotel, een kurkplantage bezocht en het stadje Évora ontdekt. Bekijk voor meer informatie! Plog van Alentejo: Abonneer je op De Groene Meisjes: De Groene Meisjes laten zien hoe je op een leuke en hippe
Greenloons provides nature enthusiasts and wildlife conservationists worldwide with trusted information about responsible, sustainable, and certified ecotourism travel vacations both in the U.S. and internationally. Greenloons is the only website that offers nature, wildlife and family focused ecotours led by third-party certified tour operators and provides transparency about the different ecotourism certification standards. We provide
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