Years of public service campaigns have helped push recycling into the mainstream, but many people have been doing it wrong. Cross-contamination with trash now threatens the industry. Tony Dokoupil shows us which items in our home cannot be salvaged. Watch “CBS This Morning” HERE: Download the CBS News app on iOS HERE: Download
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“Sustainability: Beyond Political Categorization” by Peter Joseph. This presentation addresses the problem of communication, categorical associations, the rise of anti-intellectualism and other issues related to discussions surrounding social progress. It works to address the tendency to view all ideas as ideologies, as if the foundation of scientific development and epistemology is arbitrarily subjective. The
Deimos wakes up and realizes that his alarm didn’t wake him up for his important mission. Realizing that Sanford left without him, he decides the next best option would be public transport. Deimos rushes to the local bus stop and waits. “I hope Sanford is OK!” ————————————————————— Animation by Gibb50 Newgrounds: Check GP Studios
Green Magic Homes es una empresa de innovación y desarrollo tecnológico, creadora y propietaria de la revolucionaria tecnología para la generación de espacios cubiertos de tierra y jardines naturales. Espacios Totalmente ecológicos y sustentables, bio climatizados, impermeables y pulcros, construidos con elementos modulares fabricados con fibras y resinas de última generación, a costos razonables e infinitas posibilidades
Mega Green Beauty Haul Part 2 featuring all natural Beauty products vesves organic green beauty and personal care products. I went a little crazy this month and . I went a little crazy this month and purchased lots of organic vesves natural beauty products, skin care products and natural hair care products along with beauty
CLEAN ENERGY and Continuous Rotation is shown in this NEW video. This incredible device will run 24/7 for many, many years. Other new Q-PowerBox development with Bluetooth communication is also shown.
INCREDIBLY COOL RECYCLING IDEAS FOR ALL OCCASIONS There are so many cool things that you can do using recycled materials! First of all, it helps to reduce pollution, and secondly, it helps to save up some money. Recycling, upcycling, and repurposing is much better than buying, and we are going to prove it today. You
Chalkboards can get really tricky to stay clean and “new” looking but not with Norwex! Check out how one wipe with a wet Envirocloth can remove all the chalk writing and dust! Correction on the video – our new Facebook page is www.JenniferDaly.Norwex.Biz
This off-the-grid home in Adelaide, Australia is something completely different! An Earthship is a radically sustainable and self-sufficient building which uses a combination of modern off-grid technology, super clever passive solar design techniques and a whole lot of recycled materials (including trash) all mixed with earth building techniques to create an incredible, high performance home.
For The Verge and Curbed’s home of the future, renewable energy generation is directly integrated into the design of the house. Grant Imahara experiences how the home of the future can both generate its own power and reduce how much energy it needs. Subscribe: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter:
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Video ini diambil pada saat kegiatan jalan sehat dan sepeda santai Althia Park pada hari Sabtu, 23 Maret 2019. Bersama warga Althia, terutama anak-anak, sepeda santai mengambil jalur jogging track boulevard baru Bintaro Jaya yang telah terhubung antara districk Discovery dan Althia Park. Jalur jogging track ini semakin membuat cluster Althia Park terutama, terkoneksi dengan
As Singapore looks for creative new ways to overcome its land constraints and build more homes, offices and play areas, unconventional solutions are already becoming reality in other land-scarce cities and countries. Japan’s Shimizu Corporation is developing the Green Float, a city on the sea for up to 50,000 people, while developers in London like