Month: May 2019

As the maritime industry moves towards new energy sources and autonomous operations, ABB’s technologies are redefining the future, bringing new levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability to shipping. ABB’s role as a frontrunner in sustainable transportation is to equip the marine industry with electric, digital and connected solutions that maximize the full potential of vessels
It’s a green energy dream. The sun shines all day and the wind blows constantly. But alternative energy is the last thing you might expect, here in Afghanistan’s war-torn Panjshir Valley. Yet after three decades of violence tragedy and destruction, this is where Afghanistan could be going green. “Wind, solar and small hydro have enormous
In this video I show the process I do to clean a green pool. This process is geared towards plaster/marcite/concrete pools. If you need help you know where to find us! Stay tuned for our next video!
just some truths about my sustainability journey, the impact we can realistically make, and who I think really should be to blame. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! remember: strive for your personal best, not perfection. try the method I personally use for online counseling | —————————————————————— e m a i l
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Happy Fursuit Friday! In today’s video, we’re taking a look at fursuit cleaning with the Bissell Little Green! I’ve seen a few fursuit makers use these for cleaning their personal suits, so I thought I’d share my first time using this thing! 💖 Subscribe today! ▶ 🦊 Support my work on Patreon! ▶
Our first Unity Homes is under contract and closing later this week. This 3,000+ sqft property includes every option a sustainable green home should – plus a few extras! To learn more about eco-friendly available at Douglas Ridge in Brunswick and green homes in general, visit: Contact: Laura Sosnowski Maine Home Connection Office: 207.807.1902
“Green Eyed Grace is a family-owned spa and product-line located in the beautiful foothills of Northern Colorado. Our products are inspired by founder and esthetician, Bethel, with a passion for providing pure, healthy and safe personal care products with amazing results. Why choose Green Eyed Grace products? Made With Natural and Organic Ingredients NO Synthetic
السكن الأخضر الصحي المريح وذو التكلفة المعقولة حق للجميع بغض النظر عن الحالة الاقتصادية يهدف المشروع لتغيير و تحسين حياة أكثر من 50 خمسين أسرة من الأقل حظا في الأردن،حيث تم المساعدة في بناء ثلاث منازل جديدة باتباع مبادئ السكن الأخضر والقيام بأعمال الإصلاح الأخضر لإعادة تأهيل ثمانية وأربعين منزل لتصبح مريحة وأكثر صحية ،
Doctor Rutala thoroughly explains the new sterilization techniques as well as high-level and low-level disinfection techniques and reviews the influence of the environment on disease transmission and best practices for environmental cleaning and disinfection. He also talks about the new products and new technology for disinfection and the no-touch methods for room decontamination as well