Since we’ll be spending two months in Guadalajara, Mexico we are looking for how to get around in Guadalajara. More specifically, cheap transportation in Guadalajara. Today, we’re exploring Mi Bici bike rental in Mexico. We were told it’s only 365 pesos for an annual mibici pass where you get an unlimited amount of 30-minute rides during the year. If you’re like us and looking for cheap living in Guadalajara, this is a great and eco-friendly option. If you aren’t sure how it all works, we’re going to share all the Mexico transportation tips that you need.

If you didn’t already know, we drive a Prius C because it’s one of the most economical cars you can drive. That said, when we’re not moving from city to city in Mexico, we like to leave it parked and use alternate methods of Guadalajara cheap transportation.

With this annual membership for bike rentals in Mexico, we’re going green in Guadalajara! Instead of taking Ubers to anywhere that’s more than 30 minutes walking distance, now we can bike there! This might be one of the best saving money in Mexico tips we have discovered.

In this video, we’ll share all the information we learned about riding the Mibici bicycles and other Guadalajara tips you need to know. We can’t wait to start using our passes more! Guadalajara cheap transportation is the best!

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