As we started building our Green Home showroom in Marietta, GA, Andrew and the architect and founder of the Green Magic Homes Technology, Gustavo Santander, explain you the future of sustainable eco-friendly housing. Follow us and learn more about our cutting-edge modular earth-bermed homes that provide a revolutionary new way to live in total integration
Many personal care products contain toxic chemicals that create a “body burden” when we use them every day, so avoid these dangers by reading labels properly. Learn which ingredients hinder rather than help in this free video on leading a Gorgeously Green lifestyle. Expert: Sophie Uliano Contact: Bio: Sophie Uliano is the NY Times
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Boulder County Recycling Center, Boulder, Colorado presents “Single-stream Recycling-Leading the Way to Zero Waste.” A 15:15 minute video offering an in-depth look at the single-stream recycling process at the Boulder County Recycling Center. The tour begins at the curbside recycling bin and follows the single-stream materials to the tipping floor of the Boulder County Recycling
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Green Home Design – The “Hobbit” Tiny House Design – The $4500 Self Built Eco-friendly Tiny Home Get your copy of the book Shelter here This charming little tiny house design, affectionately called the Hobbit house was built by Simon Dale, his father in-law, and visiting friends in under 4 months using approximately $4500
From Maryl chats with Federico about “green” travel in Latin American countries. Federico of the Rainforest Alliance wants to get the word out that there many option for conscientious travelers looking for green tourism options in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Belize and minimizing our “footprint while traveling at home and on vacation. This
“The Greening of Transportation: Will Asia Lead the Way?” – Rishard Dasher, director of US-Asia Technology Management Center and consulting professor at Stanford leads off this seminar sereis with an overview of the Greening of Technology and what role Asia will play in this trend. Topics in International Technology Management: “Green Technologies in Transportation: Recent
On a steep lot that was initially considered to be unbuildable, a dedicated team of design professionals produced the first LEED-certified-Platinum home in Marin County, California. Nice trick. But how did they do it? Like good magicians, the team took care to keep the backstage machinery well out of the spotlight. As builder Michael
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We are told every day that we should be recycling, but why? What happens to plastic bottles when they’re not recycled? Follow Amy on Twitter: Read More: Recycling Facts & Tips “In a lifetime the average American will throw away 600 times the amount of his or her adult weight in garbage. For
Sustainability is quickly becoming a key factor in home design. Whether you’ve already bought solar panels or you’re not quite ready to go green yet, here are some steps you can take during build to work towards an eco-friendly and energy-efficient home in the future. Learn more: From unique homes to real estate advice,
Watch more Green Living Guide videos: Hi. Alegra from Ember Living here today to talk about top green cleaning supplies. One of the my favorite cleaning agents is actually baking soda, which I always keep a huge canister of right next to my kitchen sink. This is fantastic for scrubbing out your sink from