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Sol Green Homes is a real estate investing and developing company based in Boynton Beach, Florida. Utilizing traditional and innovative ways of buying residential properties, Sol Green Homes helps homeowners in different situations to turn their house into cash. The cities where Sol Green Homes is currently interested purchasing homes: West Palm Beach Riviera Beach
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Stretching across the United States, sites listed in the Green Book were more than places of refuge during the segregation era. They were places where African Americans had freedom of enjoyment. Places like Small’s Paradise in New York, Murray’s Dude Ranch in California, and Rosedale Beach in Delaware—though culturally and historically significant—have been lost to
Chlorophyll is a premium green building housing complex comprising 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Ideally located at Pancardclub road, Baner, Chlorophyll promotes sustainable lifestyle, consisting only one standalone building it provides 75% open space. Home dwellers can enjoy amenities that are being offered along with premium specification inside home. Being owner of green home has
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Tess Brett, environmental geography student in London, presents her hometown. London, megalopolis of more than 9 million people, is trying for years to become the European benchmark for sustainable development. Tess takes us to the discovery of the eco-neighborhood “Bed Zed”, located south of Greater London, and the Gherkin tower, two examples of the valued
Graham Hill pours his life into sustainable living. See his latest earth-friendly architectural project. www.sunflaresolar.com www.lifeedited.com Over the past 3 years, solar energy has doubled. Yet it’s still less than 2% of the world’s total energy production. At Sunflare, we are committed to doing our part to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, and create a
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Joshua and Ryan talk about sustainability, overconsumption, environmental concerns, health and beauty products, and shopping with co-founder and CEO of TheGoodTrade.com, AmyAnn Cadwell. Watch “Maximal” episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast exclusively at http://patreon.com/theminimalists Questions answered in this episode: What are the most pragmatic hygiene practices for a minimalist? (00:44) How do I introduce sustainability
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